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Copper Cathodes Electrolytic, Grade A, 99,99% purity
Master Com Group USA Corp. ensures flawless quality of the copper it supplies.
We started to get involved in copper business from September 2006. The first copper contract was signed in February 2007 for the quantity of 4000 metric tons per month. And now, in 2009, our capacity to supply is up to 20.000 metric tons per month.
The county of origin is Congo – the first country in the world ranking as far as the copper quality is concerned.
In order to have more available resources our company invests in copper mining in Philippines.

Elements Value Elements Value
COPPER (min percentage) 99.99% SILICA (SI/ppm) 0.3
IRON (Fe/ppm) 2 COBALT (CO/ppm) 0.2
SULPHUR (S/ppm) 4 ARSENIC (AS/ppm) 0.1
OXYGEN (O2/ppm) Nil BISMUTH (BI/ppm) 0.1
ARGENT (AG/ppm) 10 MANGANESE (MN/ppm) 0.1
LEAD (PB/ppm) 0.2 TELLURIUM (TE/ppm) 0.05
NICKEL (NI/ppm) 0.2 ALUMINIUM (AL/ppm) 0.5
SELENIUM (SE/ppm) 0.3 MAGNESIUM (MG/ppm) 0.4
ANTIMONY (SB/ppm) 0.1