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Gasoil L-0,2-62 (GOST 305-82)

Gasoil is received through the direct distillation of crude oil. The main consumers of this fuel are agricultural equipment, trucks, railway transport and marine vessels. Gasoil use for large engines is very convenient and advantageous, because it is cheaper than gasoline, but does not yield to it in the combustible properties. It is characterized by a high degree of compression, which also allows to save fuel. There are three types of gasoil: summer, winter and arctic gasoil. Another characteristic of this fuel is cetane number on which ignition and combustion depend. The average value of cetane number is between 40 and 50. Sales of gasoil today are growing exponentially. Delivery of this fuel is carried out in safe fuel tankers, subject to maintain product quality.

The trading of gasoil is a new challenge for Master Com Group Holding Co. Ltd and our company is ready to undertake business relationship with reliable partners concerning this deal. From July 2008 we started to have an interest in this commodity. Later, in February 2009, the contract with our supplier has been signed. At the moment our capacity to supply this kind of goods is 200.000 metric tons per month, but we are able to increase the quantity.
Professional skills of the staff is an integral part of the trading process the company, which constantly work to improve skills and create an enabling environment for employment and self-realization of every employee.

The principles and values of our company as well as competent personnel policy allows a steady course of development of each staff member and the organization as a whole.
Cetanic index, min 45
Fractional composition:  
- 50% is distilled under the temperature 0°C not more 280
- 96% is distilled under the temperature 0°C not more 360
Cinematic viscosity under 20°C cct 3.0-6.0
Solidification °C, max -10
Temperature of cloudiness °C, max -5
Flash point in closed crucible, °C, min
Locomotive and vessel diesel and gas turbines
Fraction of total mass of sulphur in per cent max 0.2
Fraction of total mass of mercaptan sulphur per cents max 0.01
Content of hydrogen sulphide is absent
Test on copper plate passed
Content of water – soluble acid and alkali is absent
Content of actual tar mg on 100 sm cub, of fuel, max 25
Content of water is absent
Acidity mg KON on 100 sm cub, of fuel, max 5
Iodine index g of iodine on 100 g of fuel, max 5
Ash content % max 0.008
Cocking of 10 – percents remainder, % max 0.2
Coefficient of filtration max 2.0
Content of mechanical admixtures is absent
Density under 20°C kg on m. cub. max 860