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Urea 46% Prilled

Urea is one of our recent projects. The first contract goes up to November 2008. At this moment our company is able to supply 250.000 metric tons per month.
Great business experience gives us the reason to be proud of the quality of our services, and constantly growing network of customers from all over the world is the best proof.

The country of origin is: Russia

SPECIFICATION: urea 46% by weight min
PRILLED: 90-94% min
NITROGEN: 46% by weight min
MOISTURE: 0.5% max fisper
BIURET: 1% max by weight
FREE AMMONIA: 160 pxt, ppm max
PRILL: 95% max
GRANULATION: 1mm to 4mm, 90% min. (by weight)
MELTING POINT: 132 degrees celsius
COLOUR: pure white
RADIATION: certified fully non-radioactive
FREE FLOWING: 100% anti caking treated
HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS: none according to controlled / product regulations
PHYSICAL: non-clotted 100% free harmful substances internationally accepted standard urea 46% prilled free floating, treated with anti-caking treatment free from impurities, sand, dust and certified non-radioactive physical state solid @ 20 can 101 kps, white granules specific grvity solid @ 20 degrees centigards vapour density not applicable floatability/water sinks and mixes molecular weight 50.065