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Used Rails R50-R65 under 200-202 International Standard ISRI Code 27-29 R50 – R65

The interest in used rails began to grow from July 2007 and in January 2008 our company signed its first contract – 30.000 metric tons of used rails per month. Now we are able to supply up to 200.000 metric tons per month.

Every customer gets our full attention. We always strive to provide quality service, using various tools. Among them, the regular upgrading of skills, the conclusion of mutually beneficial agreements with partners, the supply of detailed information to potential customers, the desire to please customers.

The result is improvement of the company welfare, timely delivery of supplies and customer satisfaction .

The countries of origin are: Russia, Ukraine, Africa.

Specification and subject to SGS:
C: 0.54-0.8%
Si: 0.18-0.40%
Mn: 0.60-1.05%
S: 0.04% Max
P: 0.035% Max
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