Master com Group Holding

Presidente della Master Com Group Holding

Mohamed Ali Ashraf (President/CEO Master Com Group USA Corp.) was born in Egypt. He has moved to Europe in order to find an opportunity for his business success and to understand the market needs.
At the beginning of his career he started to work as a broker and reached success in different commercial transactions.
In 1995 he has been involved in mobile phone business and began to work as a broker for the mobile phones.
Later, in 1996, he set up in Italy a new company for mobile phone trading and became a wholesaler.
2001 is very important for Mohamed Ali Ashraf, because he established Master Com in Italy with its first company in Egypt – Master Com Egypt.
Later he became an exclusive agent for the Egyptian market for Benefon – Nokia’s mother company and for Telit – Italian mobile phone company.

Then, in 2002, Master Com started to expand its offices across Europe, opening Master Com London (UK), Master Com Austria etc.
In the middle of 2002 Mohamed Ali Ashraf has got the sole right for distribution in all European countries of the brand VK Mobile – mobile phones manufactured in South Korea.

At the beginning of 2004 he had a brilliant idea to create his own mobile phone brand after a successful, positive and long term business in the mobile phone trading. Mr. Ashraf established a joint venture with Newgen - one of the R&D leaders in South Korea in the field of mobile phones. After that, he created his own new brand – KN Mobile.
The name of the brand comes from the initial letters of his sons’ names. The brand new mobile phones has been launched on the Italian market in October 2004. Then, the brand extended its presence in the Middle East and African countries.
In 2004 was also established a joint venture with one of the biggest leaders of car manufacturing in China: so a new line of cars under the name of KN Motors has been created. This brand will appear on the European market by the first quarter of 2011.
2006 is the year when the new challenge in commodity business has started. Master Com staff and advisors worked hard for a long time in order to complete the marketing research, finding real buyers and real suppliers of commodities.
At the end of 2006 the first Copper contract has been signed.
In 2007 Master Com Group USA Corp. signed its first Cement contract.
In the middle of 2007 the company got its first Sugar contract.
From the beginning of 2008 Master Com signed successfully several contracts for the following commodities: Used rails, Steel bars and Urea.
Finally, in 2009, a new challenge for Master Com Group USA Corp. arrived– the Gasoil D2 contract.
Thanks to creativity, multicultural approach and strong experience of Mr. Ashraf, our company has reached a worldwide success in different business spheres and at the present time is able to develop new interesting projects in the future.

Master Com Group Holding

Registered office: 2400 Old Brick Rd Suite 210
Glen Allen - Virginia - 23060 USA New York, NY 10022
President/CEO: Mr. Mohamed Ali Ashraf
Foundation of the company: 2004
Number of employees: 3000 worldwide
Number of companies in the holding: 46

The idea of creation of Master Com was born in 2001, when Master Com Italy has been set up. The company started to expand, developing its business abroad, especially in the Middle East countries. After that, in 2004, the company was founded officially. Master Com Group Holding Co. Ltd began to grow rapidly, opening various branches throughout the world and putting into practice its ideas, concerning different fields of business life.

Thanks to the experience gained during the years of its activity, our company, nowadays, occupies very strong and solid position on the international market.

Nevertheless, Master Com Group USA Corp. is always in motion, ready to undertake and participate in new projects, consolidating, in this way, its image all over the world and becoming a reliable partner, thanks to its knowhow in different business spheres.

Master Com Group Holding Products

In 2004 our company created KN Mobile brand for the mobile phones made in Korea. In the same year the brand was launched on the markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa. The R&D department of KN Mobile puts extreme emphasis on meeting the interest of our customers and brings on the market technology represented by these innovative and high quality mobile phones.

Since 2004 Master Com Group USA Corp. has been invested in KN Motors brand, one of the biggest leaders of car manufacturing in China, with which a joint-venture has been created. KN Motors is a symbol of high quality and fashionable design. Our company has a GCC certificate, and by the first quarter 2010 it will also get a EURO 4 certificate in order to distribute our cars on the market of the European Community.

Our everyday challenge is to corner the international market, satisfying the needs of our customers and making easier and more comfortable their “on the road” life. Innovation, safety and high quality are three points, that characterize our production process and guarantee a long-term success worldwide.

In 2008 our company founded its own brand - MC Elettronics - with the aim of producing and marketing technologically innovative electronic products, such as portable mobile phone mini charger, with function as supplementary battery and charger; mobile phones; household appliances (white goods). The company wants to achieve the leadership on the market of electronic accessories by searching continuously new ideas, creating new devices and focusing its attention on the customer satisfaction.

Competitive advantages that characterize our company are:
- Search of new inputs
- Flexibility
- International approach
- Various areas of competence

The principal field of our activity is that of the commodities, which, in turn, consists of:
Used rails
Reinforcing steel bars
Gasoil D2
Furthermore, at present, our company is involved in several different projects: Domestic airline – Canada
Real estate – Dubai (UAE) and Gulf area
Control of trading activity – Far East countries

- Continuous market expansion
- Diversification of activities through the implementation of commercial projects
- Improving the quality of the goods/services provided
- Co-operation with reliable partners

Master Com Group USA Corp. relates in a creative and a professional way with every deal and project it leads, giving the possibility, not only to the established companies, but also to the newcomers, to develop positive business relationship for the mutual benefit.