With the growth in the UK Energy drink market and the move towards the "big can" in the sector retail we are proud to launch Black Sun Energy Drink.
Black Sun has been created for the consumer, a great tasting energy drink that competes with the biggest in the market at an affordable price in this modern climate we live in. Using caffeine, natural sugars and blended with natural pineapple to produce a great tasting energy drink to fit in with everyday lifestyle.

The name and logo dates back to the age of the druids who believed that there was a second sun that powered the sun we see. It was believed that during an eclipse the event was celebrated.

Please note the exclusion of Taurine in Black Sun Energy, this will bring in line and help gain HALAL status and the fact that Taurine has been proven not to enhance any mental or physical performance.

Black Sun Drink
launched in early 2011 Black Sun was an instant success, gaining listing with many independent routes to markets listing and re-ordering within weeks. Sales are still growing month on month with November 2011 selling 1 million cans.

Black Sun puts much of its success to being a great tasting drink, we use a blend of natural sugars and vitamins to give you a longer energy range. Natural sugar will stop the "crash" that you get from many other energy drinks. The natural sugar and the natural pineapple makes Black Sun Energy a great choice in the energy drink sector Customers stocking Black Sun include Asda, Poundland, Iceland, One Stop(tesco) and many more.